Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last race of the season - race footage.

Last race of the season - went out equipped with a camera on the bike that records in HD (1920 x 1080).

Such a great day out there - one of those rare windless and very beautiful days for racing. Had a blast ... 1st out of the water in my wave, 1st off the bike, then ran up the white flag on the run (as per usual) and finished 6th in A/G. 4th fastest A/G swim and bike - bike time was 30:28, which is probably spot on 40kmh av on the road and about 14 sec at each end mount and dismount to the timing mats.

The camera is a Contour HD which I ordered from the manufacturer in the states, but there are places in Aus you can order online at the same price. About $350. Awesome little camera records in full HD (1920 x 1080) at 30fps (which is almost too much info to process for most computers to play easily) onto a small SD memory card. At 3/4 HD size and 30 fps you can record 1 hr of footage on a 2 Gb card, will take up to 32 Gb card, which could possibly hold a full IM bike at full HD quality.

The 25 min odd recorded on Sunday was about a 1.1 gb file at 3/4 HD res. Started the camera on the bike once I had my feet in and wasn't going to be a danger to anyone. Left it running the whole race and switched off in the rack (would have auto shut off anyway).

Here's a few speed increasing tips and times from the vid you can use to hopefully ride faster as well:

0:25 - 0:50
Get aero as possible on the downhills (even slight ones) - doing so can produce a much higher speed, and by keeping up the power output you can get a good head of steam up that can carry you up the next hill, or further along the course.

1:25 - 1:44
Make sure if you do pass any packs you go over the top with sufficient speed they can't suddenly jump on (may not be that easy!). Remember to hurl appropriate abuse as you steam by.

2:12 - 3:44
Slipstream up behind people, just remember you have 15 seconds to make the pass stick and get out of their draft. Don't get too close or pass too close - a swerving cyclist is hard to miss at full tilt. Also ride in the wheel tracks where the cars have been - they are typically smoother, but may be more prone to potholes (keep an eye out!) Remember to pass only on the right, and move left as soon as you overtake and it is safe to do so. Failure to do so may incur a blocking penalty.

Take it easy on the turn arounds, particularly if it is wet. No prizes for wiping out. Don't blow a fuse building speed on the way out from the turn around - get up to full race pace again without overcooking yourself... it's usually faster than riding out too hard from the turns.

Wave to the draft busters, they are your friends.

5:08 - 5:20
Know the course, and ride the corners hard; get in the right gear beforehand and nail it in, through, and out.

Practice those dismounts and squeeze out your opposition over the timing mat! At least then if they get away on the run you can say you dismounted first.

Time to learn how to run properly over winter...

Oh and if you do end up buying your own Contour HD, you just have to put yt:stretch=16:9 into the Youtube video Tags field to tell it it should be a 16:9 widescreen movie.

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