Monday, January 4, 2010

Whoa! Cool nerd tool under development

Finally had some time to sit down and fritz around with some new(ish) Microsoft technology that I've been meaning to catch up on for a while (Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft MVC and some other stuff).

And it's good - in fact great. Really streamlines web based development and makes things much faster to develop.

Anyway I won't bore everyone with the tedious technical details, here's a screenshot of the first part of the application:

View of the new power calculator

A brand spanky new power calculator that does, amongst other things, calculate one of Crr/CdA/Slope/Speed/Power from given information, draw a graph of power v speed for current CdA/Crr, and generate split times for a variety of length rides from 20k to Ironman®.

Kind of like analytic cycling, but roided up for the 'teens (we are 2010 now after all). Plus I fixed the stuff that annoyed me over there (sorry Tom Compton) like not having CdA as a single measure, and having to calculate metres/sec all the time from kmh (divide by 3.6). Also now that I programmed in a proper air density calculator, it should be a lot more accurate than guessing at air density values all the time.

Anyway there is a bit more to do on this, but should have something publically available before I have to go back to work towards the end of Jan.

I'm thinking conversion of imperial units for altitude (ft -> metres), temperature (deg F -> deg C), and pressure (inHG -> kPA), plus an override for pressure for people who actually have their own portable weather station (Andy Coggan: Google Wattage for one ;-)), rather than the sea level reported pressure.

CTL up to 50. Big week, including riding with some A graders. Ouch.


  1. I went to check this out, but was required to register to even see it. FWIW, that type of thing is pretty uncommon on the web these days. It wasn't worth my time to check out an unknown tool, especially when others are available without that hassle.

    I don't mean this to be overly critical, but simply as feedback--it'd be cool to see this succeed, and that's just my suggestion to help it do so.