Friday, March 13, 2009

SRM arriving Monday or Tuesday

Hmmn. SRM is in the country and has local taxes paid, should arrive at work on Tuesday or Wed next week... only 4 or 5 more sleeps! Might have to do the grand unboxing video on YouTube ... stay tuned.

It has been a bit of a tough first week - around 10 hrs of running including 3 hrs of hard stuff. Luckily, last Monday was a holiday and swimming wasn't on, so one less session to try to have to fit in (and one less morning up at 4:45 am).

Running in the hills tomorrow... inc 40 mins hard.

And officiating on Sunday at a local race - hope I get to get draftbusting duty - might take the video camera out on the motor bike to get some (hopefully cool) footage.

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