Sunday, March 1, 2009

New toy ordered: SRM wireless and Garmin 705

Well after the demise of the ol Ergomo, ponied up today for a new SRM wireless with a Garmin head unit. The Garmin 705 is the only head unit of all the power meters (besides now defunct Ergomo) that actually has a backlight so you can see what is going on in the depths of Melbourne winter. As an added bonus, its $350USD cheaper than the SRM PCVI head unit... seems like there are a lot of SRMs getting out there with a G head now!

Can't wait to get it installed on the TT machine and finally get some accurate readings on power output. Interesting fact about calibration: it is possible to use a series of known weights to check the slope at various forces and arrive at a better estimate. Most calibration attempts I've seen only work off a single weight, good for calibrating that amount of force only, but not so good for checking the slope over a range of forces. Have enlisted the help of an AIS specialist to check this out.

Should also mean I can resume aero testing, which has taken a back seat while power readings have been less than repeatable.

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