Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aero testing #2 - similar results to earlier test

[quote=fishboy,Apr 21 2008, 09:28 PM]
Here it is folks:

I've just realised that the original test done between the Chrono and the Advantage is almost the same results as the second test.

The first test had average kmh speeds at 200 watts of: 37.1 and 38.1 for Advantage and Chrono
Second test at 200 watts: 37.1 and 37.9 kmh for Advantage and Chrono

So even though first trial used a disc and H3, and the second 36 spoked training wheels, the magnitude of the difference between the helmets was almost identical.

This is very good from a repeatability point of view, not so good from an aero wheel point of view - why spend $3500 on wheels if a $200 lid does the same job!!!!

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